India's only training course in Soil-less Cultivation/Hydroponics.
Come!!! Spark a Revolution.

The Institute of Simplified Hydroponics conducts regular courses in Simplified Hydroponics/Soil-less Cultivation
Training was first started in Jan 2009 and so far the Institute has trained more than 5000 students from all over India.


One day training course for hobbyists and garden lovers in urban and Peri-urban settings.

HGTIPL is presently working on a very intensive syllabus for teaching Commercial Hydroponics (Theory) This will be ready by October 2013.Our Tech Director will be conducting classes for aspirants wishing to learn the ropes of Commercial Hydroponics.

HGTIPL is also concurrently working with a company in Holland to set up a world class private horticultural PTC (Practical Training Centre). Watch this space!

What you will learn

Introduction to hydroponics/soil-less cultivation

  • History of Hydroponics
  • Present day application of hydroponics
  • How plants grow and what are their basic needs
  • What can be grown in Hydroponics
  • Yields and reasons for higher yields in Hydroponics
  • Possibilities of growing varieties
  • How much can be grown in a unit area.
  • Making growing containers and basic recyclable materials.
  • Kinds of Substrates and how to prepare them and resources to procure them
  • Importance of root aeration and choice of substrates
  • Importance of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Light intensity for plants
  • What is Photosynthesis and best times for the same
  • Planting of seeds and germination characteristics
  • Transplanting of saplings into larger grow beds
  • Spacing characteristic between plants
  • Growing in nutrient solution. What can be grown?
  • Nutrients Explanation- difference between Organic and Hydroponics
  • Mixing of Nutrients- How to use and concentrations
  • When and how much to water plants with nutrients.
  • What is a nutrient station.
  • Garden- Hygienic Practices
  • Pest control- Types of  pests
  • Trap crops. What are they?
  • Herbal Pesticides-How to create/mix and use them.
  • Mechanical Pest Traps-how they work
  • Day to Day maintenance of a Hydroponics garden.
  • Reference of erstwhile ISH students and their work
  • Resources and support from ISH staff
  • Vocational and Business opportunities in Hydroponics- Potential
  • Types of Commercial Hydroponic Systems.