1. No Soil-borne Diseases
  2. Excellent Ergonomics.
  3. No Weeds, No Weedicides.
  4. Users Cheap Locally Available Substrates.
  5. Produces Wide Variety of Fresh Produce.
  6. Use of Limited Space
  7. Nutrient Recycled
  8. No Run To Waste
  9. No Groundwater Pollution
  10. Sterile Substrate Eliminates Microbes
  11. No use of Chemical Pesticide
  12. Higher Yield And Short Times Between Harvest
  13. Easy to learn
  14. Uses Recycled Materials To Build the system
  15. Promotes Family/Community Owned Micro-Enterprises
  16. Produce Is of a Biological And Dietary Value
  17. Environment & Ecologically Friendly method
  18. No Electrical Power is required
  19. No genetically Modified seeds Used
  20. Needs Only Solar and Human Energy