Commercial Hydroponics

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Commercial Viability of Hydroponics

Commercial hydroponics to complete the fresh produce supply chain Linking grower and buyer directly using hydroponics technology

Farming…..Just Got Smarter!!!

HGTIPL, from its recent market survey has found that Large Retail Chains selling Fresh Produce are very much in need of produce that is:

  • Reliable
  • Consistent
  • High Quality
  • Pesticide Free
  • Year Round Supply
  • Well Graded, Sorted & Packed
  • Grown using sustainable practices

Under these circumstances, HGTIPL has evolved a new idea that will help the following people come together to link the food supply chain.


The growers will set up naturally ventilated poly-houses in the farms. These can be directly purchased/ordered by the Growers on the Suppliers/Manufacturers of such poly-houses. These poly-houses will be as per the prevailing approved designs of each state government. The growers must choose the crop that they wish to grow. Grower will directly supply their fresh produce to the final buyer which can be a hotel chain, retail chain etc. HGTIPL will help with the internal hydroponics layout which will be simple low cost design.


HGTIPL will act as a Consultant, provide Agronomy Support, Train the Growers staff, and even hand hold the grower for the first crop by way of continuous audit. HGTIPL will act as a technology partner to ensure that the growers produce world class produce using hydroponic technology thus fulfilling the needs of the Buyer as well. HGTIPL is a facilitator and does not act as a middleman. HGTIPL will help the Buyer by ensuring that all growers are doing the right thing to bring them excellent produce.


The Buyer will be a Retail Chain in India or a chain of hotels etc. The Buyer will use HGTIPL as the technology specialist and auditor of the grower's processes and procedures. They will do all other financial transactions and collection and delivery with the Growers as per their supply chain model.

Herein attached is a small power-point presentation which you may like to download.

Linking growers & buyers with hydroponics technology

Why Hydroponics

  • Healthy growth
  • Off season production
  • Higher Consistent Yields
  • Excellent Quality
  • Superior Hygiene
  • Reduction in growing Area
  • Free from Weeds
  • Free from soil borne diseases
  • Water can be Recycled
  • Predictable crops
  • Pests kept to minimum
  • Traceability possible
  • Produce High In Nutrition
  • Produce Is export worthy
  • No Tractor required
  • No neet to replace soil
  • Quick turnaround between crops
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • least labour
  • least water
  • can lure lazy workers due to ease of work
  • Is the smart way to grow and earn good money
  • Use of all macro & micro nutrients