Chief delivers Keynote talk on Hydroponics at DELL EMC Bangalore on World Earth Day .

Chief Delivers Ted talk

Guest of Honour at the opening of the first dedicated Organic supermarket at Mangalore on the 29 Jan 2017

Our CEO and Farmer-in-Chief Lt Cdr CV Prakash (retd) IN was the Guest of Honour at the opening of the first dedicated Organic supermarket at Mangalore on the 29 Jan 2017.
His speech urged Mangaloreans to take up growing vegetables and herbs at home using soilless growing methods.
The audience were very convinced and Our Chief agreed to teach and train citizens of Mangalore through regular workshops.
The first ever hydroponics training workshop will be held on the 12 Feb 2017.

Pet Bharo Chief on Doordarshan TV

The video clip shows CV speaking to Doordarshan TV about Soilless Cultivation at the recent "Krishi Mela at UAS Dharwad, Karnataka State, India


Dear Friends, today we are indeed very happy and feel honoured that a leading Hydroponics Magazine has considered and recognised our work in this field and put us amongst the Leaders in the Industry. We are humbled by the magazine publishers kindness to put us in the "Meet the Leaders" section of their very first issue of their "Soilless Magazine". These are the times when we feel so happy that our passion, vision and hard work in the face of all odds and the tenacity to stick in there against myriad difficulties have brought us that recognition. This is something that no money can buy. Thanks to the Publisher Mr Aydan Bekirov and Kalina Gradinarova, the Editor for having considered our work as worthy of featuring in such a leading magazine in Europe. I must also thank immensely my colleague and Business Partner Sangeeta Bojappa, whose unstinted support, temerity in the face of great hardships has stood by the vision and mission of helping us take forward this science for humanity. I must also not forget my mentor Peggy Bradley without whose mentoring, love and kindness we would never have gotten thus far. Last but not the least, might I take this opportunity to thank all my silent and vocal friends who have given me the greatest encouragement and support and friends; I love you all.
The Magazine can be downloaded at the following link and I request you to share this link with anyone you think has an interest in growing plants.
Once again! Adios.

Pet Bharo Project article in 4th Issue of Soil-less Gardening

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HGTIPL's Hydroponics Concept is Cover Story in the Soilless Gardening Magazine, India's leading Industry magazine for Hydroponics

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Pet Bharo appeared in a USA Magazine called Maximum Yield

India's Garden City, Bangalore, becomes home to the latest International Institute of Simplified Hydroponics—a first step to feeding more than 300 million malnourished children living in India.
After nearly two decades of effort on the part of the International Institute of Simplified Hydroponics (ISH) and Hydro for Hunger, the India ISH opened its gates to a new $400,000 facility in a rural area south of Bangalore, India.
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Pet Bharo's article appears in the First ever issue of Soil-less Gardening Magazine

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Article on Pet Bharo Project-Food and Good Living Magazine

Article on Greenhouse Technology

Article in Malayalam Magazine

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    The program run by the California State Polytechnic University agriculture professor is part of a growing effort to use hydroponics _ a method of cultivating plants in water instead of soil _ to bring farming into cities, where consumers are concentrated.
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  9. Agri Intex 2009 snapshots - ISH participation (see pages 15 and 16)
    The Institute of Simplified Hydroponics is the brainchild of a Visionary called Lt Cdr (retd) CV Prakash, an ex-Indian Naval Submariner, now based out of Melbourne in Australia.
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    The Project is aimed at “Feeding the World’s Poor” by growing food with Hydroponics. In India there are 50 million people who are hungry.
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