International Projects

  • Jerusalem 1984,
  • Bogata  (UN Funded Co-operative) 1986, 2000
  • Columbia (UNDP) 1990
  • Venezuela (UNDP) 1990
  • Dominican Republic (UNDP) 1990
  • Costa Rica (UNDP, INCAP and Spanish Government) 1991
  • El Salvador (UNDP) 1992
  • Ecuador (UNICEF) 1992
  • Chile (UNDP and UNFAO) 1993
  • Nicaragua (UNDP) 1993
  • Peru (FAO) 1996
  • Guatemala (World Food Program –WFP) 1997
  • Belize (UNDP) 1997
  • Zimbabwe (Japan Council of Governments) 1998
  • Seychelles (UNFAO Rome) 1998
  • Senegal (UNFAO Rome) 1999
  • Brazil (Chicago Methodist Church) 2002
  • Tehuacan, Mexico (Institute for Simplified Hydroponics) 2003-2005
  • Sri Lanka (FAO, Sri Lanka MOA, and NGOs) 2003
  • Afghanistan 2003

Indian Projects

  • The ISH handed over to an orphanage India's first vegetable hydroponics garden at the Sandra Ricketts Public School, a rural Bangalore school. The orphanage consisted of nearly 20 students.  
  • The ISH also donated a Hydroponic garden to the Satya Sai Institute of Medical Sciences at Whitefield. 
  • In July 2009, ISH donated a small Hydroponic garden to a leading Indian NGO at Bangalore and also set up a roof top garden. 
  • The Roof Top Hydroponics Pilot at EMPRI (Environment Managament Policy Research Institute). EMPRI is an autonomous body of the Govt. of Karanataka's Pollution Control Board. The ISH set up a Roof Top Hydroponics Pilot at EMPRI (Environment Managament Policy Research Institute) in 2009.
  • ISH has also been shortlisted for a Mega Project to set up Roof Top Hydroponic Systems on a total area of 20000 Sq.M.