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24 February workshop testimonial

Hi CV,
It was a pleasure to participate in the simplified hydroponics workshop by CV. His approach to this subject is great, especially for people with little or no prior knowledge of agriculture. The workshop gives a broad overview of the science and the emphasis on practicality and cost-effectiveness is commendable. The stories and examples he takes you through the course of this workshop shows his long association and rich experience in the field. His efforts in spreading this knowledge are highly appreciated and will help in promoting the much-needed widespread adoption of low-cost soil-less in India. For anyone looking to pursue soil-less agriculture as an academic/hobby/commercial interest, CV’s workshop is highly recommended.
Aakriti & Akshant


My sincere gratitude and feedback to the PetBharo team

Hi CV,
I was part of the Oct 28, 2017 batch who finished the course and am truly awakened by it. During the course of the day, I moved from just being a beginner and a curious student of hydroponics to an ardent believer that this is the way forward in agriculture round the world. Your course covered in great detail all the nuances of soiless cultivation that perhaps many would have taken days to complete. Your attitude and style of teaching put all of us to ease so quickly and ensured we were completely awake, attentive, and having fun throughout the day.
In my opinion, this course should be attended by everyone, not just hobby growers or professionals, but everyone who wants to eat healthy food ! It's a complete package, and I would say you still get more for the money one pays. Calling the course a 360degree coverage would be an understatement.
Thanks for this wonderful glimpse into the world of Soiless Cultivation and Hydrophonis, I'm all set to explore more in hydroponics. I know the journey has just started, but you make it look like a child's play and that's what makes a great teacher! I wish you and PetBharo team well in the years to come, and hope to have a long fun-filled learning engagement with you.


Pritham-Our Pride Speaks

allo allo CVP and Sangeetha
its been a while and wanted to inform you that i have slowly revived my hydroponics, and this time i decided to start with veg,crops that i didnt try last time.
i have the usual amaranthus... which is a very poplular fav here....
then am growing palak,pumpkin, mangalore cucumber also known as vegetable sambar cucumber, radish
pls check the pics...
everything is excellent, except if u see the larger pumpkin leaves u can see a mild attack of insects which i have taken care of thanks to neem...
my other concern is.... the seedlings show a condition called etiolation.... which is common when there is very less sunlight. the funny thing is the place where it is growing, has plenty of sunlight, but somehow the seedlings stalk seems weak and pale....
i decided to grow the crops close by to my house as its a lot easier to monitor since, its just 20 steps away from my room ... literally...
even the sambar cucumber seedlings have the same growth pattern like radish.....
the place i use to grow is our garage which is closed on 2 sides and totally open on 2 sides... if it was a problem with shade, it would have reflected on pumpkin and amaranth , both which need plenty of sunlight...
anyways... waiting for your answer.... and on a lighter note.... on i am finally #1, artist under metal, in India and top 120 globally... bwah hah ahaha

Prithams Garden Pictures