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HYDROYATRA- 2019- A Pet Bharo Initiative- First time in India

Hydroyatra 2019 is a brainchild of Lt Cdr CV Prakash (retd) IN, Lead Instructor, Farmer and CEO of Aggragannya Skills Private Limited based in Dharwad, Karnataka State, India. This company is the offshoot of the famous “Pet Bharo Project” established in the year 2008 and has trained upwards of 10000 students in the field of simplified hydroponics ever since and continues to do so with greater determination to bring easily affordable, sustainable soilless cultivation to India’s teeming millions. Commencing with our first training batch at Mumbai on 12th Jan 2019, Aggragannya will cover almost thirteen cities and conduct almost 42 workshops all over the nation finishing off on 21st Dec 2019. Hydroyatra 2019 brings Simplified Hydroponics education literally to your very doorstep. No longer the students need to spend any money on travel, accommodation and food costs as we visit them. This is a huge saving for the prospective participants. What’s more the participant is more receptive as he has no travel fatigue.
Hydroyatra 2019 also sees some new features added to our usual offerings viz. Your Instructor stays back one more day after the workshop is completed so that there can be informal interaction with participants who wish to discuss about their pilot projects, get any lingering doubts cleared and go back to their homes with greater confidence. The 2nd day session is absolutely free.
The hallmark of our training workshop is that participants will be taught personally by the pioneer in Indian Hydroponics viz. Lt Cdr CV Prakash (retd) IN.
Our workshops teach participants not the rosy side of this science but the importance of knowing that Hydroponics is a science, it’s about procedure, process, diligence, persistence, eye for detail, passion, purpose and perseverance. Our teaching methodology keeps the teaching to easily learnable ways and anyone with a basic understanding of high school science can get a grab on the subject.

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