Pet Bharo-People Speak

Madhava Kulkarni

Growing Flowers, Vegetables etc on roof top were thought to be easy as I took up the same on retirement from service. Initially buying beautiful flowering plants from Nurseries and transplanting into bigger pots were short lived as the plants were not growing / flowering even after giving enough water and the manure both organic and inorganic as advised by the vendors and nurseries.
I was thinking that some thing is missing for growing good plants, as none of the gardeners were providing correct information / guidance. While going through internet I came across some of the videos on YouTube regarding hydroponics by Mr. CV Prakash.
That is when I thought I should take guidance and enrolled my self for the workshop on Hydroponics organized by Mr. CV Prakash at Dharwad on 8.7.2017.
In a very simple way the workshop opened up the basics of plant growth, how the plants absorb essentials macro and micro nutrients available in the soil through water. Very interestingly it was indicated how the nutrients were are taken by the roots of the plants and the chemistry behind it. Further it was given to understand that the soil available in nature may or may not contain the essential elements in the correct proportion for the growth of healthy plant. Further the significance of PH and EC of the water available for the plant was explained in detail. Practical demonstration was held to show how the nutrients are mixed, preparation of seedling trays, transplantation of seedlings on to grow bags.
With the basics and the details gathered from the workshop, I started my first project of hydroponics using coco peat in the grow bags on roof top. The first set of beans, Okra, tomato, chilli, brinjal seeds were sown in to seed trays on 16.7.2017, the seedlings were transformed to grow bags on 25, 28 and 30th July 2017, I used grow nutrient sourced from Petbharo mixed in water attaining EC of 1.2 and PH 6.3. The growth of beans plants were fantastic and I could harvest about 2 Kgs of beans on 6.9.2017. Further my tomato and chilli plants have already blooming with flowers. I also started watering with nutrient solution to some chrysanthemum follower plants grown in pots with soil. The results were fantastic as the plants started budding with bigger size flowers.
The workshop organized by Mr. CV Prakash was of immense help and very useful as it showed how to get the maximum potential from the plants by providing the ideal value of PH and CV nutrients.

Madhava Kulkarni.

Mrs Anushree Lokur,
Director,DDU Kaushal, Kendra, Ramnarain Ruia College

Mukesh Yadav

Dear Madam,
It was indeed a great pleasure to meet you in the exhibition on Hydroponics in Mumbai on the 8th Feb 2014. We have been talking with each other on several occasions but this was our first meeting. I was very IMPRESSED with the lecture given by your partner Lt Cdr (retd) CV Prakash on the topic of Hydroponics. What we understand from his lecture is that he is a selfless man wanting to spread the knowledge he has acquired in the field of Hydroponics with one and all. Very few people in today's world have this philosophy in life. I surrender to this great man.
As informed I too am very much involved in this field of Hydroponics in a very small way and have done some work in this area with Ginger,Tomato and Beetle leaves cultivation in Aurangabad. I wish to take more interest in this field under the active guidance from both of you and spread the knowledge of hydroponics as far as possible.
I wish to request you to PLEASE send me the various proposals you pursue commercially in cultivation of fruits and vegetables with this technique of Hydroponics. I have a couple of people interested in investments in to agriculture but do not posses the requisite knowledge in the subject matter. To kick start this new venture I will need help from your esteemed organization whose mission is to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible. Please send all approximate costings minus the land price which can be a variable factor.
If an investor shows more interest in the proposal then we may even bring them to your setup in Bangalore and show them the plantations and discuss further with both of you if they need any further clarification in the subject matter.
Please do the needful and oblige.
Warm Regards
Mukesh Yadav
Mob: - 09833221234

Smitha and Leo!

Greetings from Smitha and Leo!
We were there for the 'Soilless Gardening' conference cum seminar held in Mumbai on 7-8 Feb.
We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for all that you and CV do especially in encouraging ordinary people like us who wish to do a lot but have no one to go to for guidance.
Firstly, my husband Leo is a born nature lover. He is very passionate about gardening, fishes and birds. We have all three of them in our homes both here in Mumbai and Muscat. Last year he grew 17 types of vegetables in our small terrace in Muscat. He learnt about Hydroponics last year and had his own experimental plants just by watching Youtube. He had so many doubts in his mind but he didn't know whom to approach, thats when we got to know of the seminar. He came to Mumbai for just two days only to attend the seminar and it was truly worth the effort and time. He will be starting his personal Hydroponics journey very soon.
I'm so glad after coming to the seminar I am more confident that I will be able to support and encourage him in whatever he decides to do. The seminar has given me the confidence and I am immensely grateful to you for that.
We wish you the very best in all your endeavours and hope and pray that the Almighty will guide you in all that you do and you continue to be the light to so many people in this world.
Warm regards
Smitha and Leo

Seif Ali khan

I am much obliged and grateful to the organizers who had professionally organised such an educative event at the Soilless Gardening Exposition.
I wholeheartedly appreciate the magnanimity of heart and generosity of behavior in parting the knowledge to those who were unaware of the Hydroponics technology.
Hope you would kindly do the needful in enrolling me as one of your team member who participated in the event by issuing me the necessary Certificate of attendance.
Look forward to your prompt reply.
Warm regards
Seif Ali khan

Amitabh Bachhawat

Dear CV & Sangeeta,
I had been wanting to send you my thoughts about my appreciation about the Simplified Hydroponics training program and my interaction with you and CV for a long time now.  
"Some 40 years ago I participated in my school's Science fair and my project was 'Hydroponics'. I remember how I collected the chemicals for the water culture which I made in our school's Chemistry Lab. by weighing them on a chemical balance and mixing them in water. The nutrient solution was filled in glass bottles and plants were put. The childhood memory was alive inside me except the other priorities in life took over. I had interest in farming from the beginning, we had a very big farm in Agartala, Tripura where I spent some time in my vacation and I enjoyed the company of the Mali who tilled our land with the Bullocks and sowing of the seeds. Back home, I had a rooftop garden which I cultivated. Technology changed over period of time, while surfing the net I came across , where I came to know about the Soilless Gardening Conference and Mini-Expo 2014 to be held from Feb. 7 to 8th in Mumbai. I immediately applied and attended the conference and the training.  
My experience during the two days at the conference and training was enlightening, from a school's science project to reality was bit of a dream come true. The whole arrangement was very good and the lectures especially the training lectures of Mr C.V.Prakash. I also met many people, the enthusiasts and other hydroponics students. The total experience was electrifying. I met Ms. Sangeeta of the Petbharo project; she was very helpful and co-operative. She gave me the encouragement and assurance to help me in my future hydroponic projects back home. So far the unstinted support from the founders of petbharo has been unqualified and overwhelming.
After the conference in Mumbai, I , like a true student searched over the subject and started studying the ways of hydroponics and its technique. I even started my first project and grown some seedlings on the trays, put them on the system. The future is very promising for the hydroponics. My only concern is too much commercialization and show- casing of glittering nutrient bottles and accessories. The technology of Hydroponics should be kept as simple as possible and to reach every house-hold.  
In my view the Petbharo Project is in right direction and the activities of its members towards increasing the awareness about hydroponics by training people is truly commendable. I would be happy to recommend them to any enthusiast or newcomers to Hydroponics.
Warm Regards

Prasad Doreswamy
Digicom Systems (Blr) Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Sangeeta,
Good to touch base and doing fine. Back to IT professions, and having a hectic life of work. Nice to know that Pet Bharo, growing and creating its success path.  I would be more than glad to jot down my few lines of acknowledgement as below. Feel free to use it if apt.  
Having had the privilege to align and work out with Pet Bharo during their initial start-up days way back in 2008-09; it's great to see the many milestones of their achievement.  A true highlight (then and even now) is its' team's vision to create a positive & real difference to all communities esp. poor & under-privileged. I have been part & witness to their 3D approach (Determination, Dedication & Discipline) while deploying quite a few socio-economic projects over the years, where every situational challenge was approached with the attitude of solutions & learning.  Pet Bharo's training program have lot of scientific depth and with simplified hands-on practices, one can surely learn soil less cultivation like in a "kinder-garden". Apart from practical and quality installations that were seen, the highlight is definitely the simplified and true value nutrient formulated by them. No wonder the success rate of soli less cultivation enabled by them have high growth and larger harvests in a comparative sense. 
Cheers to Capt. Prakash & Team: May your tribe grow and your future goals succeed!

Wishes & Regards,
Prasad Doreswamy
Digicom Systems (Blr) Pvt. Ltd.,

Anand Bellan Raman
Farm & Forest Coonoor, Tamilnadu, India.

I am a Strawberry Farmer using the technology of Hydroponics in Coonoor, Tamilnadu. I am associated with Lt. Cdr. C.V. Prakash and  Hydroponic Greenhouse Technologies India Private Limited since 2012. 
I was still in IT industry and getting introduced to Hydroponics, which I accidentally came across on the internet.  I came to know about Institute of Simplified Hydroponics (ISH) and Lt. Cdr. C.V. Prakash, while trying to gather more information on Hydroponics. When I had met him, I was quite impressed with his knowledge and work on Hydroponics. This meeting also prompted me to look at Hydroponic farming as a full time career.
When I had started my strawberry farm in 2012, I tried nutrients available in the market, but could not reach the desired output. When, I reached out to Lt. Cdr. C.V. Prakash, he was supportive and sent his nutrients after understanding my entire environment and considering all internal and external variables.  Amazingly, his nutrients worked wonders and increased my productivity by almost 80%. The qualities of those strawberries were superior to the ones grown traditionally on soil. 
He also made it a point to visit my farm in Coonoor during Oct 2013 and provided tips, which was quite significant to my farm. I appreciate his approach on understanding the variables and suggesting appropriate nutrients and not just selling nutrients for a commercial value. Morevoer, visiting a farm by the vendor to know the progress is something, which every farmer would wish. I am happy to be associated with Hydroponic Greenhouse Technologies India Private Limited and grateful to them for their support and wish them the very best.
I would recommend all farmers to move the Hydroponics way for a better future. 
Best Regards,
Anand Bellan Raman
Farm & Forest Coonoor, Tamilnadu, India.

Shivam and Pruthvi
@Zanzeero Zingiber Project

Dear CV and Pet Bharo Team,
Now that we are getting closer and closer to our dream of starting up a Hydroponic Ginger Greenhouse in Gujarat, I can truly say we couldn't have done it without your help. I would like to thank you and the Pet Bharo team for guiding and supporting us throughout the journey so far. I would also like to mention the great fun I had in Bangalore when we came to visit the greenhouse. It was a long journey but well worth the warm welcome. Learning about hydroponics hands on is the best way and it was a great experience for me and my friends. The visit to the Pet Bharo farm was good to learn from and as we talked to you we became great buddies. I feel like we have fostered a great relationship over the passion for goodness, success, and hydroponics. Overall great support for beginners like us starting up an efficient and effective greenhouse.
Regards and best wishes,
Shivam and Pruthvi @Zanzeero Zingiber Project

Dr Talavane Krishna, MD,
Founder, Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center., Mysore

Dear Sangeeta,
It was wonderful attending your course. It was truly an eye opener. You are doing a very commendable job teaching people on Hydroponics. The follow up service you are providing to start my own simplified Hydroponics to grow vegetables for our personal consumption has been extremely valuable. Your partner Mr Prakash gave me many bits of invaluable information whenever I called him. I truly appreciate it. Soon I will start using all the nutrients I have purchased from you and will give my feedback on that. I would surely need more guidance from 'Pet Bharo' as I go forward. Like always, I look forward to your valuable advice.
Kind regards,
Dr Talavane Krishna, MD,
Founder, Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center., Mysore

Ambica Dewaikar

Dear CV and Sangeeta,
Congratulations on your Pet Bharo project which is a unique venture designed not only to cater to large scale hydroponic farms but also for a small terrace garden owner like myself. Your detailed lessons on techniques and procedures were very easy to understand and follow which further fuelled my interest in growing and building a self-sustaining home garden.  Your products and nutrients have proven to be excellent in quality and consistency since the time I have been using them. 
CV and Sangeeta, your extensive knowledge on the subject is quite remarkable.  Thank you for your help and patience over the past one year in providing solutions for all the problems related to each variety of plants I have grown using hydroponics.  
With your help I am now successfully growing tomatoes, red bell peppers, basil, cucumbers, spinach, bak choy, methi, chives and lettuce. It has been a pleasure learning the science of hydroponics from both of you. I hope to learn more each time I meet with you both. Thank you.
Ambica Dewaikar

Hmouda Almheiri
United Arab Emirates

Hmouda AlmheiriUnited Arab Emirates

What Peggy Bradley, PetBharo's Mentor and American Hydroponics Guide
has to say about the Pet Bharo Project in India

CV is one of the first pioneers in hydroponics in India. He has shown tremendous resolve and dedication to bringing this technology to India and even the Middle East region. That is because CV has a deep faith that the use of hydroponic culture and intensive agriculture can change the conditions of his people. Through the Pet Bharo Project, CV and his partner Sangeeta Bojappa brought world major experts into India to work with community groups, industry leaders and individuals to get the science of hydroponics introduced into India. He studied how it had revolutionized the economies of several countries such as Israel and brought experts from those areas to India. CV and Sangeeta have created and operated large commercial greenhouses and offered training for both simplified and commercial hydroponics. They have shown by personal example how successful hydroponic culture and be. They have successfully trained over 1000 people in India from people in extreme poverty to some of the country's most powerful business people. Although it has taken time and a lot of effort, CV has seen a turnaround in attitudes and in practices throughout his country. He has laid the groundwork to create a new country without starvation and with affluence and promise. Gandhi would be proud of CV, of his vision, his dedication and he resolute march to a better world.

Shruti Veenam Dated 14 Jun 2012

I got to know of CV and the work he was doing with Hydroponics about 2 years ago. I met them on their farm one day and expressed my interest in the technology and using it to solve the issue of malnutrition. I come from a non-profit focussing on public health and know the reality of malnutrition. Hence I saw this as an opportunity to solve this problem.
CV and Sangeeta were very encouraging. I attended the basics workshop where I met Peggy Bradley from International institute of Simplified Hydroponics. She was very knowledgeable and patient. After that I kicked off my own garden in my house to see how this works. CV and Sangeeta were a huge support throughout the period when I was experimenting and learning. They helped me with all my doubts.
To further test its viability as a solution I urged our organization to partner with Indian Institute for Simplified Hydroponics to try a test model. This was taken up and CV's support was phenomenal. We even applied for a grant jointly and continue to pursue opportunities with them.
In all the years of knowing CV and Sangeeta, the one thing that I can say for certain is their passion and commitment to this technology. They are intelligent and hardworking when it comes to proving this technology. I am sure they will push this through and make it popular within India. It's the right time for a technology like this. Kudos to them and all the very best!
Shruti Veenam
Dated 14 Jun 2012

Anil Lalwani Farmer , Mameha Agrico

Dear CV,  
As I am older than you I am taking the liberty of addressing you as CV and not Lt Cdr (retd) CV Prakash.  
The training session you gave was nothing short of inspirational, in addition to being practical. While other people promoting  hydroponics and aquaponics talked about investments in Lacs and Crores of Rupees in an environment which simply does not exist in India, your ideas were  cost effective and very applicable to Indian conditions.  
Having obtained the required nutrients from your company, I have been able to successfully grow Crispy Spinach using Aquaponics with an investment of under Rs 10,000/- . The Pak Choy and Wasabi Greens I have planted in the same environment have sprouted and show signs of healthy growth.  
Aside from Training and Supplies, you have been most helpful in a personal manner and I really appreciate it.  
Thanks a lot for all your assistance and I look forward to a long association with you and your company  
Best Regards  
Anil Lalwani
Farmer, Mameha Agrico

Sunil George Snr Manager QC, Harrisons Malayalam (ML SBU B), RP Goenka Enterprise

Lt Cdr CV Prakash visited our Tea Estate at Surianalle, Kerala at my request to assess the probability of Hydroponics in tea cultivation. This was an utterly new concept and I really appreciate his open mindedness and enthusiasm to step off the beaten path . His knowledge proved to be very insightful, he opened up the possibilities of a host of activities from Better nursery practices , to fodder cultivation and green house cultivation of herbs and other exotics. He is enthusiastic, creative and  knowledgeable. His willingness to look at alternative means to obtaining the ends is admirable. As a result of his visit we are considering other applications and we hope that we will be able to take these forward. I wish him and his company all the best.
Sunil George
Snr Manager QC, Harrisons Malayalam (ML SBU B, RP Goenka Enterprise