Rooftop Hydroponic Greenhouses

HGTIPL has more than seven projects concurrently happening all over Bangalore city and several of our students of simplified hydroponics have built and commissioned their Hydroponic Gardens and eating what they grow without use of dangerous pesticides. Several students already doing their gardens are coming back to us saying veggies have never tasted so awesome, clean and safe too. They are finding reduction in their food bills and it's a pleasure for us at HGTIPL to see the technology take off as we would wish.

HGTIPL like always knows and opines that this will be the way to go in the future where every roof top will become arable lands.

HGTIPL is doing a very unique pilot for a large builder of apartments where one roof top of an apartment has been allotted for a pilot rooftop hydroponic garden. The pilot will run for six months after which it will be analyzed for success. Then rooftops of 37 other apartment buildings will be installed with hydroponic greenhouses. The idea is to have different buildings producing individual vegetables. Harvested vegetables will be brought to a central warehouse/outlet within the colony on a daily basis and inmates of the complex will be able to buy highly nutritious, pesticide free, fresh produce at very affordable prices.

A super-speciality hospital at Whitefield Bangalore has entrusted a project to HGTIPL to do a 5000 Sq.ft rooftop greenhouse and they plan to give clean and safe food to their patients.

An NGO in Bangalore also has tasked HGTIPL to do a 2000 Sq.ft Hydroponic Rooftop Project at their Headquarters building in Bangalore.

This we opine is just the beginning of a rooftop revolution.

HGTIPL's idea of using Rooftops for hydroponic farming means that although lands are being converted into concrete jungles, the same area taken away is still arable land and can produce much more quantity of what it normally could produce. Thereby we can give back what we take from nature.

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The Motto must be "Now that I know, I will eat what I grow"

Click here to see some artist impressions of Roof Top Hydroponic Greenhouses

Rooftop Hydroponics Package- 96 Plants